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NANMMA YOA program brings together the youth in the North American (US and Canada) community through volunteering journeys. These journeys provide enriching, community-driven, and authentic volunteer experiences in the culturally rich and fascinating state of Kerala, India. 

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The youth will be immersed in local living with communities from whom they can learn and also give back. The YOA program will help the youth develop skills, build relations, and make new friends while they learn about Kerala and their heritage. The youth would be able to contribute to community and conservation projects led and supported by NANMMA and local teams. Such projects include building renovation, teaching, women’s empowerment, medical, and healthcare. 

NANMMA hopes these programs would fulfill its youth and broaden their horizons in many ways. The programs are geared for high school students and freshers in college, looking for real-life learning that would help them achieve their goals and empower them with sustainable and responsible volunteer experiences. 

The YOA program offers:

  • Itinerary-driven experiences
  • A safe and supportive environment supervised by NANMMA volunteers
  • Opportunities to gain college and career readiness skills
  • Organized social and cultural activities where the youth can build friendships with people of their age.

Are you interested in partnering with the NANMMA 2020 YOA program? Please send an email to with your proposal. The email should have the subject “NANMMA YOA Proposal” for immediate response.