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NANMMA – A Journey Together

The wait is over! NANMMA Yearbook is released and out in distribution.

If you haven’t received your copy please reach out to Mehaboob Kizhakepura
Email –
Phone – 6094331132

NANMMA Yearbook

NANMMA is a network of all Malayalee Muslim communities in North America. Our goal is to connect all Malayalee Muslims within the United States and Canada which we believe will enrich the lives of our community members as well as that of our fellow communities.

What is Included?

NANMMA published its first yearbook by the end of April 2019. The yearbook contains a page for each local group in the network, essays, stories, poems, recipes, drawings, artwork, and artistic photos from them. It presents North American Malayalee Muslims to the rest of the world.

Please click here download a preview.

How did you make it happen?

  • 3 Groups were formed for Editorial, Printing and Advertisement Campaign
  • 33 NANMMA Volunteers dedicated more than 25 hours/week for 3 months
  • 78 Authors and Artists from the NANMMA community contributed to the articles, stories, poems, and artworks.
  • In the 184 pages book, advertisements were limited to give more space for articles in the yearbook.
  • Explored all options and finally Printed in India to reduce the costs.
  • 2500 copies are printed to give a copy to members, Malayalee organizations, Islamic organization, Masjids in USA and Canada.
  • Approximate Cost of the project 20,000 USD.


How do I contribute to NANMMA Yearbook?

The contents of the yearbook would be from the Malayalee Muslims of the US and Canada. We are seeking essays, stories, drawing, paintings, digital arts, and photographs.

Please find below some general guidelines for submissions.

  1. Essays and stories – The recommendation is to keep your submissions under 600 words for Malayalam or 750 words for English. This is to keep the article interesting and to accommodate as many submissions as possible.
  2. Drawing, Paintings & Digital Arts need to be A4 size proportional
  3. Photography – No portraits allowed
  4. All artwork, photographs, and articles need to be original.
  5. Multiple people can contribute to an article or it can be written jointly.
  6. If you are quoting from external sources, please include references inline or in the footnotes.

Please click here to submit your interest and one of our Media Team will reach out to you.

How can I sponsor NANMMA Yearbook?

Please click here to submit your interest to sponsor NANMMA Yearbook. Our Advertising Team will reach out to you soon.

Where can I request copies of NANMMA Yearbook?

Please click here to request copies of NANMMA Yearbook. Our Publishing Team will reach out to you soon.

How can I help with Cover and Title for the yearbook?

NANMMA is conducting a contest for the Cover and Title. Please click here to submit your entry.