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Tafsir al-Quran is a NANMMA Faith and Family initiative to help the community understand the Quran in a simple format. The program facilitates its participants to understand the words of Allah on a day to day basis.

Who teaches the class?
Anwar Aboobacker, a very enthusiastic research scholar from Saudi Arabia, leads the classes. The Tajweed is taught by Dr. Yasir Ibnu Hamza, Professor at Taif University. He has a doctorate in Quran recitation and the very first ever scholar from Kerala, who has expertise in all 10 types of recitation.

What is the frequency of the class and for how long?
Each class is 15 minutes per day and 3 days per week.

Where is the class delivered?
The class is delivered in a WhatsApp broadcast group that the participant is placed in by the program administrators. There would not be any conversations other than the lessons offered by the admin in the WhatsApp group.

What is the format of the class?
The lessons are delivered via voice clips in the WhatsApp group. The participant can listen to the lessons at their convenience.

What can I expect from the class?
The participant can expect word to word meaning and brief explanation based on Tafsir Ibnu Kathir and Saheeh. There will be Tajweed, followed by the end of each verse. Students will be able to clear the questions from the areas taught.

How can I get started?
Please reach out to the following program administrators to place you in the classroom:

  • Abdul Rasheed – 9259003185
  • Fazil Abdu – 514917976
  • Kunju Cheruvote – 7145991991
  • Mohammed Salim – 6476804162
  • Sarfraz Abdu – 6473094020
  • Shejil Kunjumon – 4039293631