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NANMMA launched the alpha version of its Mobile Application on April 27, 2019, at the NANMMA Convention in Toronto.

The mobile app is a service offered by North American Network of Malayalee Muslim Associations for the Malayalee Muslim community in the USA and Canada. The mobile app helps anyone who wants to participate effectively in the community to quickly find its members and interact with them. The mobile app could be an entry point into the community for someone new to the USA or Canada supplementing the existing social network website of NANMMA.

What we have in the Alpha Version?

  • Users able to use the current registered email with NANMMA Social Website
  • Users are able to reset their password or register as a new user
  • Users are listed based on country, region, & group
  • Users are able to see push notifications from NANMMA
  • Users are able to see sticky notices from NANMMA
  • User is able to search for a member based on country, region, state, profession, industry, name, city, phone, and the town in Kerala.
  • Users are able to call or email the individual right from the app.
  • Users are able to see Updates, Events, and Campaigns on our public website.

For more information on how to use the app, click here to download a presentation – NANMMA Mobile App 04272019

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