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NANMMA online summer camp, the best bet for your kids summer is around the corner. This affordable virtual summer camp will hold your kids busy and entertained, keeping a vibrant and exciting summer energy.
NANMMA summer camps offer the opportunity for your innately curious kids to dive into different learning areas and build valuable skills.
We have arranged teachers who are uniquely qualified to embolden students to accept new challenges and try new things. We have a multitude of subjects to explore that are both educational and fun-filled exposing their young minds to delve into what they come across.
Your kids get the opportunity to make friends with like-minded peers within our close-knit community and learn together in small groups, thereby filling a socialization void and creating experiences to cherish for the rest of their lives.
The ineffable joy that our 2020 students cherish about their camp days and how they kept the positive qualities of summer long after the vacation, are enough reasons why their parents are looking forward to our 2021 camp.
Duration : Jun 28th – Aug 13th.
Time : 2 hours every week day
Fee : 60 USD (75 CAD)
Join us to keep the summer vibe alive!


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