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Minister K.T. Jaleel inaugurates NANMMA Higher Education Scholarship Project

Kerala’s Hon. Minister of Higher Education, Dr. K.T. Jaleel inaugurated NANMMA Youth Empowerment and Educational Scholarship program in presence of Dr. Samad Ponery (Chairman) and Mahboob Kizhakepura ( General Secretary) during the 8th annual India Press Club of North America (IPCNA) conference held in Edison, NJ on 12th October, 2019.

After the inauguration, Dr. Ponery provided a brief overview of this program along with a concise history of NANMMA.

He highlighted the contributions made by NANMMA to the Malayalee community here in the US as well as to their brothers and sisters back home in Kerala. The most prominent amongst them was the quick mobilization of funds, volunteers, and other help during the first flood disaster in Kerala during 2018. He also pointed out how NANMMA facilitated this help through various voluntary organizations in such a way that it brought harmony and unity between people of different faith and political backgrounds. Their work showed that beyond religious and political aspects, humanity is the most essential and useful unifying factor. He also thanked IPCNA organizers for providing a stage for NANMMA and their excellent public service work conducted in both the US and Kerala.

The audience very well received the speech. There were nods of approval from some of the crucial media personalities while Samad listed out the achievements of NANMMA and its activities within the Malayalee community.

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