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North East Picnic 2019

NANMMA had a North East (NE) gathering every year for the last 4 years. The first one was in Delaware/PA, the second was in PA, and the third was in NJ last year.

Alhamdulillah, the 4th meet that we had yesterday was the best organized NANMMA NE event so far. Proud of the entire MMCT team and Jazzakallah Khair for your real hard work in organizing the gathering with 75 families. Everyone had a good time meeting our families from the North East. Food selection was also great – vegetable biriyani and BBQ chicken was a right combination and were very delicious. All sections of the event were well organized, and great feedback from all participants – may Allah reward the host CT team, other volunteers and participants for their cooperation in bringing together our community and making this event memorable.

We want to make a special thanks to following brothers for their efforts in the past many weeks – excellent planning and impressive execution of event!
MMCT: Nabeel, Shanawas, Navas, Anees, Aleef, Hashif, Haneesh Shimji, Shamjith, and Anu Rahim
MMNJ: Mahboob, Naufal, Raina and Ajas (Photographer/ Drone man)
KMG-NY: Naseerka, Abdu, Hassnatha
NEMM: Rasheed (RI), Mashur (MA), Aminuddin (MA), Shaheen (MA)
MMDC: Nirar, Zain, Nishad
Jazzakallah Khair Mahboob for taking lead on coordination of the event.

Insha Allah, we hope to make the NE gathering more eventful with extended days and camping so that it is convenient for long-distance travelers.
Feel free to continue the interaction on and our mobile application.

NANMMA is committed to bringing more goodness to our community in here and the needy back home. May Allah bless our unity and accept our good deeds.

For NANMMA team
Abdul Samad Ponery-MMNJ
Chairman-Nanmma Trustees Council

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