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AMMAN RAMADAN Programs 2017 Results 

Assalamu alaikum Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Alhamdulillah, AMMAN Ramadan 2017 was a successful event with great participation. We thank each one of you for your immense support and participation in AMMAN Ramadan Programs 2017, Jazakum Allahu Khairen !!

We are glad to announce the programs results. There were more than 100 people (kids and adults) registered for various events. Below are the top three events with most number of participants.
1. Qur’an recitation for Kids
2. Islamic Quiz for Adults
3. Islamic Quiz for Kids

The winners of Islamic Quiz contest are …

First: Abdulwajid Arikattayil -New England MM
Second: Aamir Mohammed – SCMMA
Third: Jasmine Saleem – DFWMM

First: Anaz Mohammed – SCMMA
Second: Dilshad Basheer – Bellerose, New York
Third: Hafsath Adookkattil – MMNJ

We will be distributing trophies and certificates to all participants in kids category for all events. All prizes will be distributed through respective regional or local groups.
Please reach out to AMMAN Ramadan 2017 organizers if you have any questions.

AMMAN Ramadan 2017 Team
Ahffan Kondeth: (216) 755-7549
Safvan Madathil: (484) 550-5609


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