What is NANMMA Canada?

NANMMA Canada is the national organization on NANMMA in Canada that connects all local Malayalee Muslim groups and associations. It helps to connect all Malayalee Muslims across Canada with their counterparts in the US.

Why do we need NANMMA in Canada?

NANMMA had members from Canada since its inception as AMMAN in 2015. However, members from Canada were unable to make contributions as NANMMA existed as a charity organization only in the US. At the Chicago Convention in 2017, NANMMA promised the community to have a similar charity organization in Canada. NANMMA Canada would be a self-sustained organization in Canada registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). All financial transactions in Canada would be according to CRA guidelines.

Who are NANMMA Regional Delegates (NRDs)?

The NANMMA Regional Delegates (NRD) shall be the voice of the local group in NRD Committee.  Each regional group shall nominate their NRD to represent the region in the NRD Committee.  If there are multiple groups in same region, preferred option shall be a joint selection of one NRD for the multiple groups in the same region.

Do you have a limit on the number of NRDs?

The number in NRD Committee shall be restricted to a total of 100. Each local group can nominate up to 2 NRD based on the number of members in their local group with following rule

  • < 50 families = 1 NRD
  • >= 50 families = 2 NRD
  • Groups less than 10 members shall optionally join with adjoining state group depending on the commuting distance.

How are Regional Delegates (NRD) and executive Board of Directors (NBD) selected?

NANMMA Canada would have representatives from all 5 Regions in Canada:

  • Atlantic Region (Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick);
  • Central Region (Ontario);
  • Prairie Region (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta);
  • West Coast Region (British Columbia); and
  • Northern Region (Quebec, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Yukon Territory)

Each region would have members from all local groups. The local groups in it can nominate their regional delegate to their NANMMA Canada region. A region would then collectively nominate its candidates for NANMMA Board of Directors (NBD). The NBD candidates would then together come up with a panel for the NBD – President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, etc. The existing Canadian NRDs and NBDs would be grandfathered into NANMMA Canada along with the new NRDs and NBDs from other regions where we currently don’t have representation.

We are currently looking for Regional Delegates from the Atlantic and Northern Regions. Please use this form to nominate a Regional Delegate.

Who are the Executive Board of Directors (NBDs)?

The NANMMA Executive Board of Directors (NBD) represents the executive body of the community that would run the day to day operations of the organization. The NBD is a subset of NRD and its members should be a legal resident of US or Canada. They should not have any affiliation with organization listed by Public Safety of Canada and TRAC.

The NBD shall consist of the following members with representation from geographic regions:

  1. Executive President
  2. Executive Vice President
  3. Executive Secretary
  4. Executive Treasurer
  5. Executive Director of Media and Communications

The following positions will be nominated by the above elected members from NRD:

  1. Executive Director of Women’s Affair
  2. Executive Director of Youth Affairs

For 2019, there will not be any nominations from the NBD as two of the existing NBDs will be grandfathered into the new NANMMA Canada NBD. However, their positions will be decided after all other NBDs are selected.

When would NBD assume its executive role?

NANMMA Canada NBD would assume their executive role by end of April 2019 at the NANMMA Convention in Toronto.

What is the deadline to nominate a Regional Delegate (NRD)?

All nomination should be received by end of February 2019.