Kerala Flood Relief Update 11/2018

Alhamdulillah, as of November 11, 2018, NANMMA collected $192,110 after deducting administration fees and other charges. Also, there are pledges from various individuals and institutions for another $60,000 that will be fulfilled, Insha Allah.

NANMMA have been distributing the funds in multiple phases. In Phase 1, NANMMA focused flood victims who needed immediate help. This phase required an amount of $60,000.

In Phase 2, NANMMA focused on rehabilitation and reconstruction support for the flood victims. An amount of $50,000 was spent in this phase. As per our expert panel from various fields, NANMMA decided to run several employment and training programs which would help the flood victims and their relatives in the long run.

NANMMA received various project proposals for Phase 3. Some of the major recommendations that NANMMA is considering are:

  1. Life: Programs on Education, Social Development and Health
  2. Heart Kottakkal: Training Programs / Self Motivation Classes
  3. Ambulance for a community

Please let us know if you need more details on any of these projects.

We hope to close the fundraising and distributions as early as possible and hope to bring back focus on projects in North America. We look forward to developing and implement plans to engage our youth in community activities.

Your continued support is essential to help bring our community. Please share your thoughts and ideas for these projects.

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